Promocija i oglašavanje

Do you have a product or a service you would like to show to everyone? Toys, decorations, sunglasses, beverages, vehicles, cosmetics, electronics, vacations…just to name a few of the past promotions we have had at Arena Centar.

In comparison to advertising on-line, in print, on the radio or television, this “tangible“ type of advertising provides several benefits:

  • High number of people seeing your promotion
  • Interactive “hands-on” type of advertising
  • Potential buyers can see your products up close
  • Opportunity to finalize sales on the spot
  • Flexibility in terms of space size and duration
  • Strategic placement within the mall to help you reach the target audience
  • Affordable rates

For more information please contact our Specialty Leasing Department:

Branding Advertising – on pillars

Promotional island

Promotional kiosk

Promotional stand


Branding Advertising – on moving stairs


Branding Advertising – at the entrance to the centre