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Intersport is a retail chain with sports equipment, clothing and footwear.

The result of its 40 years of successful business is today reflected in 5400 stores in 44 countries worldwide.

Only in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Intersport has more than 130 stores.

During its development, the focus of Intersport has always been sports as a way of life. It has never been only a shop where you go to buy your trainers. It is a thoroughly structured concept which just like in sports, owes its success to a strong and clear vision, hard work and last but not least, its employees who truly believe in their work.

Today the slogan of Intersport is „the heart of sport“, which simply and directly conveys the essence of the brand. You need a heart to do sports. And the rest follows.

Our mission is to create and maintain a professional approach to sports-loving people. In every moment we want to offer a wide selection of equipment for various sports.

It is important to us to remain authentic in all sports related areas and to strive for the best value for money.

We offer professional advice and know-how along with a great variety of products and the quality of service.

Five pillars of our success are:

  • Dedication to the idea that everybody can enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy life, through with the help of good equipment and a valuable piece of advice.
  • The believe that our customers deserve an exciting, encouraging, and comfortable shopping environment.
  • Readiness to share our athletic experience and knowledge about our products with our customers.
  • An individual approach to each buyer, where we provide the best advice adjusted to needs and possibilities.
  • Sparking interest in our customers to start doing sports and to have an active way of life through our communication channels, from website and web-shop to social networks and ad campaigns.


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First Floor 171
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Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm