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KRUNA MODE is a chain of multibrend stores of selected world fashion, street, casual and urban fashion brands. During our 40 years in business, we have built a special relationship with our loyal customers based on a mutual love of contemporary lifestyle, design, street art and fashion. Kruna Mode is an indispensable fashion address for all dynamic, urban women and men who nurture their style, choose quality and specialty and want to be different.

Our mission is customer satisfaction, so our goal is to make your shopping experience enjoyable and complete!

An excellent range of Kruna Mode brands include O’Neill, Garcia, Kaporal, Blend, Ichi, Element, RVCA, Sinner, Emily & Noah and Sina Jo. Following the fashion trends and adapting to them, today we are increasingly focusing on the fashion, casual, street and urban scene. Every garment, in addition to its practical nature, should reflect the attitude of the person wearing it. Each of us is special, so we want to give everyone the opportunity to show their unique creativity and style through clothing. When you wear any of our brands your attitude is recognizable wherever you are in the whole world!

The brands we represent are truly unique. These are lifestyle brands that sell not only clothing but the whole philosophy. Millions of people around the world identify with O’Neill’s vision of the free spirit and Element or RVCA urban style. Our brands are involved in environmental conservation programs. Most of our products are made of organic cotton, and O’Neill started the Sea Odyssey Foundation back in 1966 to educate students about the importance of the sea and oceans from which more than 50% of the world’s oxygen comes. Element introduced a collection created in collaboration with National Geographic to help raise awareness about nature conservation.

For you always just an uncompromising offer; world fashion brands, top quality, innovative design and unique fashion experience!


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First Floor 148
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Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm