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California Dream by U.S. Polo Assn.!

Taking inspiration from the pleasant breezes of the hot deserts of California’s natural style, the brand new U.S. Polo Assn. Spring-Summer 2019 collection is ready to be discovered! Lingering over tropical reflections when passing through cactus gardens, USPA invites all adventurers who wish to enjoy an unusual journeys to make their dream come true.

U.S. Polo Assn. makes a vibrant entry into the Spring-Summer 2019 collection by adding new hues to its familiar colours! Besides classical USPA colours, the most striking shades of purple, plum and pink will weave a festive story for men as well as women. Lace patterns and tassels accompanying linen textures and floral prints will invite “USPA-lovers” to dress with vivacious colours.

The collection carries the reflections of nature-inspired prints in the finest shades of khaki and hot USPA colours while blending florals heralding the start of spring with tropical patterns. Gauzy tops, t-shirts with a cool texture, flowing dresses and canvas trousers again follow the footsteps of comfort this season.

The polo shirt legend which forms the backbone of USPA returns with fit and regular forms fitting any body shape, floral patterns inside collars and a wide range of colours! The timeless polo shirt which is the trendiest garment of the summer season will again be the must-have of this season with colour options suitable for any style.

The distinctive star of casual style, the USPA Denim Collection reflects its challenging lines on skirts, vests, shorts and dresses besides trousers and shirts with shade gradients, minimal embroideries and alternative forms. The garments which reflect “Denim Passion” best will direct fashion this season again. The secret tip of the season: White Denim!

Fine textured t-shirts, map-prints, linen mix shorts, comfortable sandals, shabby dresses and loose shirts attract those who won’t give up style and comfort on holiday. The handy backpacks accompanying your trip and completing your style like “a puzzle piece” are a must of the holiday combination!


Sporty garments with a classical look are perfect for men who love classical lines and a smart casual elegance. Blazers with a relaxed fit take the gentlemen on a voyage of comfort. Dresses and blouses with stylish and elegant details become the staples in the wardrobe of confident women, with surprising lace embellishments of the collection creating a glamorous style.

This season the most energetic members of the family are again the USPA children! They will enjoy the most whimsical style of the season with flamingos, cacti, tropical patterns, patches, asymmetric stitches and natural colours. The USPA children’s collection energizes their activity while prioritizing the health of the little gentlemen and ladies with organic fabrics that don’t compromise quality. The traditional father-son and mother-daughter combinations of USPA are again colourful this season. Garments copied from each other, matching paired choices of colours and patterns will bring the entire family together!

The newest and smallest person in the family, USPA Baby is taking its place on the team! Garments produced with organic fabrics that reflect the energy of the season both protect the health of the teeny individual and introduce the indispensable USPA style to the newest member of the family. This collection offers superb choices, from the post-hospital set to 3-year old ready-to-wear, leading in fashionas well as in the name of health.

You will experience the feel of desert in the city with U.S. Polo Assn.!






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