Code of conduct

In order to make a visit to the Arena Center enjoyable, we kindly ask our visitors to respect the Arena Centar’s Code of conduct.

Recycling in Arena Centar is easy!

We kindly ask you to sort your personal waste into the appropriate waste bin. Proper disposal and recycling is these days more important than ever.

Parking in Arena Centar

Arena Centar has 3,000 free parking spaces – in garages connected to all three entrances to the center and in the open parking in front of the center. Arena Centar’s parking lot and garage, in accordance to the Croatian law, are considered “unclassified roads”. Therefore, all the relevant laws apply:

Please respect maximum parking time limit of 24 hours.


Arena Centar has maximally ensured the security of the visitors but unpleasant situations are unfortunately possible.

The police are responsible for enforcing law and order and the security guards of Arena Centar are there to help them.

Report thefts, violations of laws and regulations to the police by calling 112. When reporting, try to provide all the important details: description of the violation, exact location, description of the stolen item, serial number of the bicycle, color and contents of the wallet, etc.

The authority of the police is different then the authority of the security guards. The installed cameras can be of help to the police, but the recordings are given only to the police and only in specific cases.

Read more on the Privacy Policy and Legal Notices page

Dogs are welcome in Arena Centar! 

However, please keep in mind the following:

  • one owner – one dog
  • dog must be on a leash regardless of the size of the dog (you can carry small dogs in your hands or in a basket)
  • large and dangerous dogs must be on a leash and must carry a muzzle – as defined here: Narodne novine broj 19/99

It is not allowed to ride or push bikes, romobiles, scooters and skateboards inside of Arena Centar.

But you can carry your ride in your hands:)