COVID-19 recommendations to visitors

Arena Center set preventive measures and procedures to ensure that shopping carried out safely and in compliance to the established preventive measures. To ensure that all visitors can safely shop at the Arena Centar, please follow the center’s shops and mall recommendations:

  • Respect the recommended 2m distance from other shoppers and store workers, even if they have protective masks and gloves.
  • Be patient and follow the store instructions regarding the maximum number of customers in the store, recommended distances, working hours, and store disinfection breaks.
  • Two people may enter the roto doors and lifts at the same time.
  • If possible, wear a mask and gloves.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the store.
  • Follow the recommendations for proper hand washing as indicated in the Arena Centar’s toilets.
  • Use the disinfectant dispensers placed throughout Arena Center.
  • Wherever possible disinfect the handles of the basket or cart that you will use
  • Try not to touch what you do not intend to buy.
  • Please do not try on clothing, especially the items that go over your head. If you can, buy a garment and after trying it at home, if it doesn’t fit, return it to the store. They will store everything that is tried (and / or returned) for five days before puting it up for a sale again.
  • Try paying with contactless credit cards.
  • Out of respect for other customers and store workers, do not use the shops for walking and sightseeing.
  • When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or the inside of your elbow.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth until you have washed your hands.

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